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For years, this is very well known that Turkish people are very hospitable. When it comes to guest’s request, everything is become unimportant as we thought that the one who is being our guest is God’s guest that is why we care you very well in all perspectives that you could imagine. As we are the recent representative of our culture, we serve you for almost 20 years by doing our best for our customers sometimes for hotels, for very famous brand, even for hospitals but how?

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As you may know, hospitals are needed a lot of textiles products and we are serving them by providing towels, bathmats, bedlinen,sheets,pillow cases. Also small notification for the readers, we need to produce the products as Chlorine resistant as the products are facing with a lot of Chlorine in laundries and pools so that purify the products any kind of microbes and we are using very strong stitches so that we could maked very durable againist strong industrial conditions.

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How about hospitals? At first look it seems like a bit scary but yes we are providing Surgery Sheets, patient dress, patient pajamas with their logo on it and even in 5XL size and all the products that we serve for hospitals needs to be disinfected and anti bacterial so we are giving the products indanthren threatment.
As you see we have very wide range business and ready to follow your directions. We could meet with you in any kind of business. Right?

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Mode-co Textile is founded in 1999, since then Mode-co provides perfect sourcing for each customer. Home textiles sourcing? Here is your global partner.

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