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From Hamam To Sauna and Spa

At the old times of Turkey, ‘’Turkish baths’’ in other popular saying ‘’Turkish hammams’’ take a lot of place in our history. The word, “hamam”, originating from the Arabic hamma (means “heating up”), means steam bath and is based on the heating of cold water This bath culture which is lighting our modern bathing which you could be familiar with the names ‘’sauna’’ ,’’spa’’ comes from our old culture to today’s modern World.

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Thus,you may visit to İstanbul and have a chance to visit our well decorated and breath taking hammams. However, you shouldn’t forget to get your hammam towels in the other Word Peshtemal . Maybe, you could not think that there will be a dress code in the baths but there is actually. You need an accessory which covers your body while you are heating up before getting rubbed by ‘’tellak’’ . so we use peshtemal only for cover purpose, of course not!

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What makes the differents in between normal towel and peshtemal ?

A normal towel have piles on it but there is no piles on peshtemal so this makes the peshtemals very lighter if we compare with the towels.As this peshtemal are very light you could easily carry with you. Just Wrap it quickly and put your bag! eshtemal are really popular nowadays so we are offering them to hotels especially for their saunas, spa centers. As it is really fashionable,trendy , quick dry, and very light...

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