Story of Turkish Aegean Cotton

The textile industry has existed in Turkey for thousands of years.

We are definitely the current heritor of the “Turkish Towels” concept.

The ancient cities of Laodikea, Hierapolis and Colossae, which make up part of Denizli of today, not only hold a prominent place in textile production history, but proved their success in trading as well…

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Denizli is known for its 4,000 year old history.

The export of Turkish products and the delight in the discovery of goods of such excellence by people beyond Turkey’s borders dates back as far as the first century A.D. when merchant Titus Flavius Zeuxis from Hierapolis made 72 sea voyages to and from Rome…

Our Process

We describe ourselves as a business sourcer/developer company , you could assume us a bridge in between our producers and you. We devise the path that will be followed for your inquiry , then we design your demand to achieve the market standards,finally deliver the goods fastly to you .


We are developing our producer portfolio according to our customer requirements as we focus to cover customer expactations by finding best producer as per your request.


Thanks to our experienced team ,first of all we are evaluating your inquiry and leading you to get best product covers market needs.


At the end of the day, it's important to feel being succeed by serving our customer , keeping our promises deliver the goods in time, provide them fastest lead time in the World.

Aegean Cotton

Aegean cotton which is grown Western Turkey, is the highest quality cotton on the world.
Natural cotton is grown in a way that is much kinder to our environment, uses far less water and is a growing system that replenishes and maintains soil fertility while excluding genetic modification.
Ogranic Aegean cotton has more yarn, especially fluffy and strong long fibers. Longer fibers mean softer and absorbent yarns.
Aegean cotton is preferred for absorbent towels. The more it is washed, the softer and more absorbent it becomes.
Turkish Towels, Turkish Peshtemal ( Hammam Towels) , Bathrobes, Bed Linen, Bath Rugs are some of the products produces from Aegean cotton.


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Mode-co Textile is founded in 1999, since then Mode-co provides perfect sourcing for each customer. Home textiles sourcing? Here is your global partner.

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